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My Travels with
the Big C

and a Clinical Trial that Changed my Life

With blunt honesty and humor, Pam shares her story about risking the unknowns of a clinical trial in order to improve her chances of long term survival. Concluding MY TRAVELS with lessons about how to live a more worthwhile and joyful existence, it is a must read for everyone.
Paperback $19.99 | Ebook $9.99
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Praises for MY TRAVELS with the BIG C

“This book skillfully achieves its goal of helping patients understand the unique aspects of a trial, while at the same time offering great hope to those who choose participation.  Concluding her book with 5 lessons she learned about herself and her life, Pam provides us with insight into our own existence.”

DR. JEFF SHARMAN, MD, Oncology & Hematology; Director of Research at Willamette Valley Cancer Institute; Medical Director of hematology research, The US Oncology Network

“I am truly awed by Pam’s courage, wisdom and grace as she takes us on this very significant journey and shares the lessons she learned along the way.”

DR. JOHN STROTHER, MD, Oncology & Hematology; Medical Director for the Salem Cancer Institute/OHSU Knight Cancer Institute affiliation

“I can’t say enough about the warrior who wrote this book. She has done a remarkable job of speaking to oncology patients and physicians about the experience of being in a clinical trial to extend her life.  Pam leads with her heart instead of fear as she takes us on this significant journey.”

DONNA HIRT, MSW (Master of Social Work)

“With great empathy and insight, Pam gives readers a close up view of her physical and emotional roller coaster ride, while at the same time including practical medical tips, important educational resources and powerful reflective quotations about cancer. Those who read this book will be glad they did.”

SUSAN LAVIN, Bachelor of Science, Nursing; Masters/License in Minsitry

Meet the Author

Pam Johnson (aka. P.C. Pillette-Johnson)

Pam is a retired, award-winning teacher who, during her 35 year career, has taught students at the middle and high school level, college level, and within the Oregon prison system. She has also been a successful freelance technical writer and editor.

As a three-time cancer survivor, Pam knows first-hand what it is like to face the Big C head-on.  She has battled breast cancer, Merkel Cell Carcinoma and most recently, Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia. Pam successfully completed a clinical trial for this incurable disease and has been in remission for 5 years.

She is a devoted wife, mother and grandmother who loves sharing her life experiences with a diverse group of readers.  She enjoys playing tennis and visiting the tiny coastal community of Neskowin, Oregon, where she likes nothing better than to walk its sandy beaches, collect seashells, wade in the Pacific Ocean and make new friends. Pam cares deeply about gun control, women’s’ rights and the ‘Me Too Movement,’ climate change and social justice.

Presently, she is working on her second book which explores simple ways to improve teaching and learning in America’s classrooms. Pam lives in Keizer, Oregon, with her husband John. 

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